Ways that YOU could help our ministry

  • With prayer. We believe in the power of intercession.
  • With your talent. Donating your time and habilities to the ministry; often we needs health specialist, engineers, architects, construction groups, teachers and counselors.
  • Being a partner of the ministry through your monthly pledge of direct deposit.

MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. Strong International Mission is a community of people who are committed to manifest God’s great love towards humanity, by serving people in great need. We served with a willing spirit of excellence, integrity and compassion.

At the present time, our ministry is working with the Haitian children that are refugees in the Dominican Republic.

A recent censuses conducted by The National Office of Statistics (ONE), states that there are some 458,233 Haitian immigrants residing in the D. R. This population represents 87.3% of all migrants in this country. A large percentage of these refugees live in the rural areas of the country known as “bateyes”. These locations have no access to electric power, medical assistance and they have very limited accessibility to the use of potable water. Many of the children belonging to these Haitian refugee immigrants, have access to the school system, but because they lack the finances to purchase basic school materials, shoes, clothing, as well as adequate nutrition, they are unable to even attend their designated schools.

Our next missionary trip is scheduled for this up-coming Christmas of 2016. Our goal is to take 3,000 school back-packs, filled with school materials and deliver them to 3,000 refugee children. We would also like to prepare a wonderful Christmas Lunch for these children and speak to them about the love of Jesus!

You can make the difference in the lives of these children by helping us to purchase school materials, food, school back-packs through your donations. To make your donation, you just need to click on the button of “donation”, that is found on the top of this page.

If you wish to see photos of the children that you are sponsoring; Just leave us an e-mail where we can send them to. Thank you for your support and donations. God bless all of you.