Jesus Conference

This conference is a complete life-changing experience

It can best be described as a fascinating journey through the life of Jesus as a real person; with His likes and dislikes; His vision; His family’s customs and principles; the mission of His message; and His genuine Love and Compassion for the less fortunate.

This This conference is focused to not only bring the believers closer to the concept of Christianity (which was the religion formed by the consequence of His death) but, will also shed the human aspect of Jesus as a living and breathing person, who was the son of a carpenter and who was born under a cruel and un-just Roman empire in extreme circumstances of poverty.

Our intention through this conference is to inspire the believers not only to be attracted by the message of Jesus, but also to fall in-love with Jesus the “Person”, this fascinating Gallylian who changed the curse of History!

Jesus Conference is designed to motivate and empower the believers to wants to emulate His “Persona”, His behavior, ideology, character, compassion and the coherentness of His message.

Our ministry believe that as Christians it is necessary that we not only be faithful followers of Jesus’s teachings but that we should operate under the same motivations, principles, love and Compassion as He did.

It’s the purpose of this conference is to help pastors, church leaders and believers in general, to better identify the ministry of Jesus as a Historic figure.

In other words, this conference will allow the participants to be re-introduced to the Historic Jesus as God but also as a human being, and will permit them to bring His ideology to their own congregations, ministries or nations.

In In addition, this conference will give the opportunity to church leaders to impact their generation with the culture of the Kingdom of God.

Jesus Conference is also destined to shed new light on believers who are tired of seeing their church filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but with absence of His fruits.

Finally this conference is directed for all those who believe that Jesus is still the Answer and the Hope of Humanity

Jesus conference has a duration of 8 hours. It’s recommended to be held all day Saturday. It will also include a lunch break, a coffee break and some reading materials.

If you wish to bring “JESUS CONFERENCE” to your church or nation just go to “Contact” and fill out the information.

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