Hope Conference

This conference is given by Angela Strong and her team. Its purpose is to empower The Body Of Christ in the areas of Prayer, Prophetic Intercession, Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance.

The courses of training have a duration of 12 hours starting on a Friday evening and continuing for all day Saturday.

HOPE CONFERENCE is truly a transforming experience with the Holy Spirit, directed for church leaders, pastors and believers in general.

Our focus is to instruct, inform, equip and empower the Believers in the fascinating world of Prayer and Intercession. It will also help instuct the participants in the different techniques of how to operate in Spiritual Warfare.

We will also teach how to operate in Deliverance and the different types of Prayers that can be used, as well as how to select the proper type of Prayer for a given need and/or area of attack.

We also instruct the believers on how to exercise authority over the Kingdom of darkness and how to take over territories. how to break cycles of generational curses and how to start up your own group of intercessors at your church, community, etc…

Other key topics of Hope Conference are; how to fast , how to use our Prayers to cause breakthrough. the reasons why we ask in our prayers, and why we don’t receive an answer. the factors that can block the manifestation of our answers and how to pray effectively.

Each and every one of these topics are covered by the Prophet Angela Strong and are all based on clear and evident Biblical Principles.

It’s our main objective is that each participant of this conferece can take home an adequate comprehension and revelation of all the concepts that will be covered.

The Hope Conference is designed for pastors, church leaders and believers in general, that wish to take their churches, ministries or even their personal relationship with God, to a higher level.

It is for the believer that would like to cause breakthrough and expansion In their churches; sever cycles of generational curses or take-over territories, or even wish to cause good and positive changes in their nations. Hope Conference can also help those believers who simply want to obey their calling by serving in their churches or faith centers in the area of Intercession.

The HOPE CONFERENCE includes lunch and a coffee break on the second day. There will also be a small 7 question evaluation at the end. Each participant will also receive a “Certificate of Accomplishment” by our ministry giving them an acreditation to lead a group of Intercessors.

If anyone who wishes to bring the Hope Conference to their church or nation, just go to “Contact” and send us your request.

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