Holy Spirit Revival Encounters: Texas

What a glorious weekend we had in Texas! Four service in 3 days, but the Presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong that all of us were full of energy. During all the services we were witness once again of the Power of God. So many healings deliverance, breakthrough, and many lives were changed by the presence of God. We also had a great sharing the Word with ladies Pastors, singing books and sharing the word of God. What a great privilege is to serve Jesus!

It was also truly amazing the way the Holy Spirit used us to prophesy over this lady and her husband, about their upcoming victory as the Mayor of their city. And to God be the Glory, this prophecy was recently fulfilled! God has placed them as the new mayors of their beautiful city. To Jesus be the glory forever!

One of the most fulfilling part of our journey in the DR was to have the opportunity to supply and serve people in need. This is a key part of our ministry, as it was for Jesus. According to the Bible, Jesus accompanied his message of the Gospel with miracles of provision. It was very important for him to meet the need of the less fortunate. We bilieve that the message of the kingdom could be more effective when we put our words into action. It was very gratifying for us to see hundreds of children being fed through our ministry. We also provided each one of the with school supplies and with the powerful word of JESUS. There’s definitely more joy in giving than in receiving!