When Heaven Rules the Earth: Intercessor's Journey Guide

Paperback – August 14, 2020

When Heaven Rules the Earth Is a complete Prayer guide that will teach you how to pray according to the different circumstances that occur in your life. Prayer is not just a conversation with God, it’s also a weapon of spiritual warfare and like any other weapon, we must learn how to use it effectively in order to win our battles. This book will guide step by step in developing a life of Prayer that will meet you specific need.

Clash Between Two Kingdoms

Complete Manual of Prayer and Intercession

This book is a manual and complete guide to prayer, intercession and spiritual warfare. Which will equip you to operate effectively in the area of prayer and prophetic intercession, in a way that has never before been revealed.

This manual also has been designed to be used as Bible study material for intercessors, which will teach you step by step, on how to operate effectively in the areas of; intercession, deliverance, spiritual warfare, and how to activate the authority that has been delegated to us by God. You›ll also discover the new identity that you possess as a citizen of the kingdom of God, the benefits that Citizenship offers, and how to operate in them. Here you will also find a complete guide to deliverance, prophetic declarations, destined to empower you, instruct you, and equip you in the marvelous world of intercession!

Unmasking the Spirit of Injustice

The Truth Never Before Revealed Behind Our Daily Struggles

It has always been the subject of my attention as to why bad things always happen to good people. Or why is it that innocent people are the ones that always get hurt? Or why is it that evil or evilness always seems to overshadow good or goodness?

What calls my attention even more is how individuals, families, nations, and even ministries can be victims of an atmosphere of reoccurring negative events in their lives in which they are unable to give any logical explanations for.

It’s as if they were fighting against an invisible force that’s opposing all their attempts to move forward in their lives.