About Angela

Angela was born into a loving, Christian family, and was introduced to both the love of God and active ministry from a very young age. Her parents have founded over 40 churches, and Angela served alongside them, participating and growing in many aspects of the ministry, spreading the love of Jesus wherever she could, helping wherever she was needed, even working with radio and television.

Over the years, Angela has become a powerful prayer warrior, flourishing in the realms of deliverance, spiritual warfare, and prophetic intercession for the nations.

Today, Angela is a clinical psychologist, author, co-director of Strong International Ministry, and working toward her doctorate degree in divinity.

Angela has a special anointing to work with women, empowering women of God everywhere to discover their new identity in Christ to maximize their calling. Founding the #WarriorsWithRedLips movement, Angela unites women of God from all nations and backgrounds, providing teaching, guidance, and encouragement from many of today’s top female speakers and leaders, online and free of charge.

As Angela moves forward with the ministry, her main focus continues to be helping all believers identify their place in the kingdom of God and better understand and use the authority God has given them.

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