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Strong International Ministry, Inc. is a non-denominational organization that is founded upon basic Christian principles and dedicated to fill the basic requirements of people in need.

Our main focus is to model the life of Jesus Christ by serving the needy. Our programs of assistence include; Free health assistence, constructions of churches, schools, orphanages and potable water systems.

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When Heaven Rules the Earth: Intercessor's Journey Guide

Paperback – August 14, 2020

When Heaven Rules the Earth Is a complete Prayer guide that will teach you how to pray according to the different circumstances that occur in your life. Prayer is not just a conversation with God, it’s also a weapon of spiritual warfare and like any other weapon, we must learn how to use it effectively in order to win our battles. This book will guide step by step in developing a life of Prayer that will meet you specific need.

Our Beliefs

Establish the kingdom of GOD, here on earth, via a message of hope, love, compassion, and a visible manifestation of his kingdom.


When you partner with us, you help us to bring solutions to the emotional and spiritual oppression our generation faces

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God so loved the world that he gave

It is a privilege to give back to God what He’s graciously given.We commit to being good stewards of your generosity.

Invest in the Gospel