Dear Partner and Friends,

We are excited to announce our upcoming Revival Tour, throughout the 50 States of the USA!!

When God spoke to us about going on a Revival tour throughout the United States, our first response was: "We truly need to deeply pray about this". This was because we knew how challenging this journey could be physically, spiritually and of course, financially.

This Revival Tour is about awakening the people regarding the evil agenda that the enemy for this nation, to raise up Intercessors & to spread the revival of the Holy Spirit all around this country.

However, after tons of prayers we received the confirmation from God, so our next reaction was: "Let’s do it!" We didn't ask "how?" We just decided to move in obedience to the Lord.

We truly believe that God's mission is our mission and should be the mission of every believer. As you already know, the United States needs more prayers than ever, so now is time for the people of God to stand in agreement, fighting in the Spirit & pushing back all evil agenda of the enemy, in the name of Jesus. 

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