Our experience in Brazil was quite interesting. As some of you already know, when God called us to go to Brazil an proclaim a Revival over this nation, we did not know anyone in that nation. No ministry connections at all. But we decided to obey God over all logic and common sense, and God surprised us one more time! He not only opened the doors of a worderful church for us to plant the seed of Revival, but he also opened the doors of the Assembly of God Pastor’s association of Sao Paulo for us to preach the gospel and activate the Revival of the Holy Spirit over Pastors! For us that was a mindblowing move from God, showing us once again his mercy and faithfulness.

Another great experience we had in in Brazil, was when one of the church leaders, asked us to please go with her to a very humble an remote neighborhood in the estate of Sao Paulo, to pray for a Young mother who had Cancer. We went there and the Holy Spirit moved in such a way that the whole family ended up receiving Jesus as their Lord and Savior. To God be the glory Forever!

Since the day we arrived in Brazil, we were filling deep in our spirits to go to the government buildings and pray there, for the government authorities, representatives, Senates etc. So, Praise the Lord who opened the door for us to go in side of the Senate auditorium and pray for all the men and women in position of authority in the nation of Brazil. What an awesome God we serve!

One of the desires of our hearts while we were in Sao Paulo, was to pray over the president of Brazil. Even though we were very aware of how difficult that could be in the natural, we were firm in our faith that there nothing impossible for our God! So, God supernaturally aligned everything for us to pray at the hospital where the President of was having surgery at that precise time! We also consider this a great demonstration of God favor and faithfulness.

We as a ministry, firmly believe in the power of Prayer. We believe that Prayer can change everything! Therefore, one of the things we love to do when God calles us to go to a nation, is to activate or raise up a group of intercesors that can pray and intercede before the throne of God for their nation. And this is what we did in Brazil for God’s glory!

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