About the Founder: 

Angela Strong is a woman of God with a passion for prayer and prophetic intercession for nations. The passion that leads her to put aside her successful carrier as a Clinical Psychologist is to dedicate herself to empowering believers around the world in the era of prayer and intercession.

Angela also possesses a Master's degree in Divinity. She currently works alongside her lovely husband Ross as a sub-director of Strong International Ministry. This ministry provides social assistance in a country in the extreme condition of poverty.

Angela is also the author of the powerful book of prayer and intercession manual, “Clash Between Two Kingdoms” / “Choque Entre Dos Reynos”. She is also the founder of “Hope World Prayer Network”, a prayer network that unites intercessors from more than 80 countries to pray 24/7 for world issues.

She is the founder of “Angela Strong Ministries”, a prophetic ministry dedicated to delivering conferences of prayer and spiritual warfare and forming leaders of intercession in churches around the world.

Her most recent project is “Friends United in Hope”, a small nucleus of prayer that operates in homes voluntarily yielded by their owners. They pray with fellowship from other believers under the power of agreement.

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