Angela and Ross would later meet, fall in love, and get married. They committed not just to faithfully love each other but to serve God together. In 2014, Strong International Ministry was born. Surrounded by friends and family in Puerto Rico, the ministry started well. But God had even bigger plans in mind. Just three years after Angela and Ross founded the ministry, God called them to transplant their headquarters to Tampa, Florida – a new place where they knew no one. Terrified but trusting God, they took that step.

Angela and Ross each bring their unique gifts and callings to the ministry. Angela has a unique gift for strategic spiritual warfare and intercession, while Ross feels called to the social assistance of people in need. These talents and skills, combined with faithful service and a dedication to spreading the gospel unite to form a powerful union for God. Fueled by His goodness and grace, this is the lifeblood that propels the forward motion of Strong International Ministry. 

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