Our purpose is to manifest the great love of our God towards humanity by serving those in great need.

The spirit we serve is one of excellence, integrity, and compassion to inspire persons to want to seek a better level of living.


Let the world get to know Christ through the example of love and compassion that He left us.


Motivate and inspire people to feel that they are loved as well as to recognize their self-worth. Promote their personal growth and empower them with the proper tools to increase their self-esteem.


Treat everyone with dignity and respect.


Influence generations with our vision by leading them by example.


Leave a legacy of hope in the lives of the people we meet and generations to come.


Help people around the world to find their true identity in Christ and to form an army of intercessors that will bring the will of God here on earth.


Form leadership teams focused on empowering others with the vision.


Assist other ministries in fully developing their potential.


Promote and open avenues of communication to all who seek Jesus.

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